10 Reasons to Love Golden Horse Skates (And How To Get Them!)

  • by Volition Skate Co.
10 Reasons to Love Golden Horse Skates (And How To Get Them!)

We got our first shipment of Golden Horse Street Magic roller skates this week and were on the edge of our seats to get our hands on and feet in these skates. 

You may be like us and have been seeing Golden Horse skates pop up on social media more and more and have been curious about the hype and wondering if they live up to it. Our initial response is that we LOVE these roller skates. 


Golden Horse Street Magic Are Comparable to Moxi Roller Skates

The best comparison we can make to other existing skates on the market is the Moxi Jack boot. There are many features of the Golden Horse skate that are comparable to these very popular (and sold out!) Moxi roller skates - but we actually like Golden Horse more because of several important factors listed below. 


Below are our top 10 reasons that we have fallen in love with the Golden Horse Street Magic skates!

  1. Golden Horse Offers Custom Sizing which Means No More Guessing

    When placing your order for the
    Golden Horse Street Magic skates you’ll notice that there is no size option - this is because you will be measuring your feet, taking pictures, and sending us your specific measurements. Your foot measurements will then be sent straight to the manufacturer who will create a skate to fit your particular dimensions. This is a huge step up from standard skate sizing, which generally comes only in full sizes and can be confusing at best. 

  2. Wide Feet Are Not A Problem for Golden Horse Skates 

    Many of our customers who have wider feet have traditionally been limited to certain styles and brands of skates because most stock sized skates come in only one width. With the Golden Horse Street Magic skates your foot width will be considered in the manufacturing process so the skates you receive will match your foot width - meaning these roller skates are made for EVERYONE.
  3.  High Quality Suede Boots

    For those who are seeking a real suede roller skate, Golden Horse has you covered with their super soft and supple suede boot. Unlike other suede roller skates, the Golden Horse Street Magic comes soft and ready to wear. There is not going to be a painful break-in period with these roller skates that you might experience with other suede skates on the market.
  4. Golden Horse Offers Ample Color Choices - Similar to Moxi Lolly or Jack

    Similar to the highly popular Moxi Lolly or Moxy Jack roller skates, the Golden Horse Street Magic comes in a wide selection of colors giving you even more control over the look and style of your skates.
  5. Fully Lined Boot with Luxurious Velour

    We have never experienced the same kind of softness as the velour lining in the Golden Horse Street Magic skates. These skates could be easily worn without socks if wanted as the lining is buttery soft and does not create rubbing or blistering.
  6. Top of the Line Padding Throughout the Boot

    Not all padding is created equally! The padding in the Golden Horse boots is a memory foam-like padding that feels like clouds (as one of our customers remarked.) Other skates may look thicker in their padding, but that does not always equal greater comfort. We can’t say enough about how comfortable these skates are.
  7. Outdoor High Rebound Polyurethane Wheels

    Golden Horse Street Magic come with high-quality 80A high-rebound wheels which are perfect for cruising and/or street skating. 
  8. Colorful Wheel Options Coming Soon

    Currently, these skates only come with gold/yellow colored wheels which is not everyone’s favorite color. Fortunately, Golden Horse has assured us they will be offering a range of colorful wheels that you can customize on your skates - check back soon if we do not currently list that option on the product page!
  9. Golden Horse Skates Foot Feel is Insane

    We are going to say it again: These Skates Are Insanely Comfortable! The combination of the custom fit, the padding, and the velour lining make these roller skates the most comfortable fit we’ve experienced.
  10. Super Solid Build & Will Stand the Test of Time

    Finally, we love the Golden Horse Street Magic Skates because they are built with longevity in mind and will hold up to outdoor skating wear and tear for years to come. 

Ready to Roll?

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pair of Golden Horse Street Magic Skates and get rolling today! 

Check out our full video review below! 

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