How to Roller Skate Backwards!

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How to Roller Skate Backwards!

Roller Skating backwards has always been a huge goal of many who skated as kids and were never able to unlock this skill in their youth. If you have struggled with backward roller skating, you are definitely not alone! 

In this step-by-step tutorial, we will show you exactly what you need to know in order to successfully roller skate backwards and show off your new skills to all your friends! Most importantly, you'll be accomplishing a goal you may have had since childhood, which will make you feel amazing and confident in your ability to take on even bigger goals. 

How to Roller Skate Backwards

  1. Side Step
    Before jumping in to backward skating, spend some time just shifting your weight from one foot to the other. Start with your skates right under your feet in a "neutral" position. Step the right foot to the right and shift your weight onto it, then repeat to the left. Step right and left several times, paying attention to where the weight of your body is as you make these small shifts. Tip: becoming more aware of where your body is centered over your feet/skates is an important skill to develop as you progress in your skating.

  2. Heel Shifts
    Next, shift just your heel (back two wheels) a little to the side and then back to neutral. You will be pivoting on the front two wheels to do this. Practice both right and left several times until you're comfortable with this movement. Tip: When your heel is out to the side, that leg will feel pigeon-toed and your whole leg will be a little bit "internally rotated."

  3. Combine 1 & 2
    Now, you will be combining step 2 and step 1. Start with the heel shift to the side, and then shift your weight onto that foot. Bring your second foot to join the first - you'll come back to a neutral stance, but you are now on a diagonal to the front of the room you were facing in the beginning. Don't try to move anywhere yet - that will come next. Do this movement slowly until you really understand the mechanics and how to do it with control. 

  4. Add Some Oomph!
    Now that you feel confident with step 3, just add a little more energy to your weight shift. After you shift your heel, transition your weight with some gusto onto that foot. Make sure your weight is in the heel of the foot you are transitioning to. You should start to move backward as you add more energy to your steps. Just like in step 3, you will shift your right heel and then the left so you start to move backward on those two diagonals. 

We hope this tutorial helps you with your backward skating and your roller skate goals! 

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