Moxi Jack Skate Out of Your Budget? Try These Instead!

  • by Volition Skate Co.
Moxi Jack Skate Out of Your Budget?  Try These Instead!

The skate community will forever be changed by the vibrant fun-loving roller skates that Moxi has given us. Besides being visually captivating (hence their take over of our social media feeds!!) they are also some of the best quality skates you can find today. In particular, the Jack boot from Moxi is positioned as the go-to skate for park skaters - and for good reason. These handmade boots feature top comfort with a laundry list of features that would make anyone green with envy. Depending on how you put your skate package together, the Moxi Jack complete skate package ranges anywhere from $600-$1000 and can go beyond depending on how many bells and whistles you add to your custom setup. 

While the Moxi Jacks are great skates, for many people their price is too high and that leaves those would-be skaters waiting by the sidelines. 

“We’ve tried to find the best budget-friendly alternative for the Moxi Jack and we think we’ve found it!” - Jen Kranz, Volition Skate Co. Owner

Our Alternative to Moxi Jack

In order to find the best alternative to the pricey Moxi Jack, we looked a few key elements of the Jack that make it stand out from the competition. Some of their key elements are as follows:

  • Beautiful Colorful Boots
  • Supremely Comfortable Padding
  • Durable Plate for Park Skating
  • Responsive Trucks  

  • While this list is not comprehensive, it covers some of the features that make many skaters gravitate towards them as their favorite setup. 

    A Pleasant Surprise from Chaya

    We’ve been fans of Chaya since day one - all of their skates are made with padded and comfortable boots. For their price, Chaya consistently performs out of their class when it comes to quality and comfort. 

    While we love Chaya as a brand and their skates have been on the top of our recommendation list for beginners and budget shoppers alike, we have always thought of Chaya as just that: a beginner skate that performs much higher than its peers. When we first saw pictures and read about the Chaya Melrose Premium, we weren’t sure what kind of skate we would get. It looked beautiful and the price and features sounded good - but would we really like this skate once it was in our hands and we had the chance to test it out? 

    Chaya Melrose Premium Blew Us Away

    Within the first five or ten minutes of wearing and skating in the Chaya Melrose Premium we were pleasantly surprised by how agile, comfortable and lightweight they were. Tricks that were giving us trouble suddenly opened up because of the responsive trucks, and our feet felt hugged and supported yet free to bend and flex at the ankle at the same time. 

    “The best way to describe the Chaya Melrose Premium is that they make skating feel fun - it’s like jumping into a roller skate playground all of a sudden. They’re light, responsive, and super comfortable.” - Kate Vigmostad, Volition Skate Co. Owner 

    The Chaya Melrose Premium has a price tag of $345.99 - which is still high for many - about half the cost of the Moxi Jack. While they are not handmade in the US, these skates make a tough competition for the uber popular Moxi Jack skates. 

    If you’re in the market for a new pair of skates, or looking for something to take to the park, we can’t say enough about the Chaya Melrose Premium.

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