What is the difference between roller skate wheels?

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What is the difference between roller skate wheels?

Roller skate wheels come in different types and each type is designed for a specific purpose or skating style. Some of the most common differences between roller skate wheels include:

  1. Hardness: Roller skate wheels can range in hardness from very soft (around 72A) to very hard (around 100A). Softer wheels provide more grip and are better for outdoor skating, while harder wheels are better for indoor skating and offer more speed.

  2. Diameter: The size of the wheel can affect the speed and maneuverability of the skates. Larger wheels (around 62mm) are faster and more stable, while smaller wheels (around 59mm) are more maneuverable.

  3. Width: The width of the wheel can also affect the stability of the skates. Wider wheels provide more stability, while narrower wheels are more agile.

It's important to choose the right type of wheel for your skating style and the type of surface you'll be skating on.

Our favorite trail wheels: Atom Pulse Lite, Sure-Grip Boardwalks, Sure-Grip Motion

Our favorite wheels for maneuverability: Radar Energy 57, Sure-Grip Boardwalk Pastel

Our favorite indoor wheels: Sure-Grip Fame, Indoor Luminous 

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions! 

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