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Moxi Rainbow Rider

100% Quality & Comfort :)

I can't say enough how much I absolutely LOVE my Chaya Premiums!!! Being a former competitive figure skater, I was looking for something with lots of support and whose boot felt similar to that of my old custom-made figure skates-- and, let me tell you, these Chaya Premiums completely hit the mark! An added bonus was the fact that even as amazingly supportive as they are, I never felt any of the initial discomfort that I used to experience when breaking in a new pair of figure skates! Wearing the Chaya Premiums is like having a little slice of heaven on each of my feet! Thank you again to all those at Volition that were so attentive and helpful in making sure I got the right size and all the extra parts/tools that I'd need to start my roller skating journey!

Radar Energy Wheels
Kayla Beggarly
The PERFECT wheels!

I've used these wheels on tennis courts, trails, concrete, and the roller rink and they are buttery smooth on ALL surfaces! I totally get why my favorite skaters on social media are all using these wheels.

Riedell R3 Derby
Raquel Watson

Perfect skate for newbies!

Bionic Crab Skate Tool
Ireland ☘️
Always Great To Have...

Always great to have. Not a bad tool at all. Works as you need it to.

Excellent Customer Service!

I purchased these for my niece and nephew who I don't get to see very often. I had my sister take measurements of the babies feets because I didn't want to trust shoe sizes for this kind of thing. While searching the website (and various internet searches) I was having a hard time finding how the adjustable skates were sized. I reached out to Volition who promptly went above and beyond my expectations to ensure I purchased the right size. After order, these skates were delivered so quickly! The kids love them and fortunately, both have a bit of room to grow! I've purchased skates from Volition in the past and I think I'll stick with them for all my skate needs in the future! 10/10 would recommend!

Chaya Ice Skates
Nancy Holt
Love em!

My granddaughter flipped out at getting pink skates for Christmas


I love the skates and they are very comfy

Amazing skates!

They fit my feet perfectly. I sized down from my regular shoe size. They feel great and the wheels are so smooth. I know these will last me a long time. Ordering was easy and they arrived faster than I anticipated.

Moxi Lolly Roller Skates
Laura Andrewjeski
Love them

Once got right size was in love.😍


I love my skates so much , I love them

Sure-Grip Fame Roller Skate

Good skates

Shipping was really fast and skates are very good.


I love my new skates. They fit me perfectly and I can’t wait to roll out in them

Fo-Mac Dance Plugs
Lloyd Alaban
Great Customer Service

Love how Volition installed these on my new skates even though I didn’t ask them to!

Love my skates! ❤

Great skates and even better customer service. Thank you all so much! ❤

Awesome 🤩

Love my roller skates!!! The ones I got have the soft comfortable boots… I was trying for a while and I couldn’t find skates that feel this comfy !!

My New Adventure

Saw an article on roller skating and it looked fun,and brought back many memories Started to do my research and each time Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates were at the top of the top of the list. Ordered my Sky Blue Bunny's,and have been enjoying them.They are perfect especially for a retro beginner like me.I am 57.Comfortable and great for the trails,and conversation starters. Happy to have found Volition Skate Co.,so close to home.

Highly recommended

Very useful, for beginners, you can practice in your home

One of my favorite skate stores

I love these skates they ride so amazing. I have moxie lollies, and I would never complain about those however, Im now a very big fan of the VNLA’s. I can definitely see myself purchasing an outdoor version just to compare.

Amazing shirt!

Love the shirt! Size runs as expected. soft, comfortable, and quite flattering.

Foundational Skate Skills Course with Appelusa

Love them!

Love it

Great skates

I am loving my skates . I have been out there kn the skating rinks in the DMV . I can't wait to share photos. I'll have some soon !

Great Experience and skates

I traveled about three hours and found a pair for my wide flat feet. Quality of the skates are great and the service I received was great as well.


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