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Comfortable, stylish, and adjustable!

These skates are great. We got them for my growing 11-year-old, but this 45-year-old is now contemplating getting a pair, too.

Chaya Pink Laser
Barbara Beavers
Now I can finally skate without pain!

I'm a retired 61yo female. I thought skating would help me exercise and stay active. I first purchased a pair of skates with a heel that is supposed to help you keep your balance. After each skate session, my feet and toes were hurting really bad. After a little investigation, I found out that I have no arch/flat footed which makes it really difficult when skating. Most people just use insoles, which are very pricy. I then searched around for a booted skate without a heel and found the Chaya Pink Lasers. They are wide enough for my flat feet and do not hurt after sessions! Highly recommend.

Patient + Helpful

I emailed a few times with questions. Volition Skates patiently answered a slew of questions. Their recommendation fit exactly as I had hoped. Highly recommend!!

I couldn't ask for better help and nicer people I high compliments would recommend them to anyone thank you very much sincerely Batman

They're everything I thought they would be I just hated to wait so long for something but I guess it was worth it top notch

Fo-Mac Dance Plugs
Calvin Robertson

Very nice came fast

I’m Hell on wheels

Volition Skate is a cool shop, good vibes. If you like to roll then walk or roll in!!

Graduation gift

My son requested these skates for his high school graduation. They arrived quickly and in perfect condition. He has already taken them out for a spin multiple times. Great quality and they look great. Thank you!

New outdoor wheels

I purchased these as my first outdoor wheels and can't say how much I recommend them!!!

Awesome Buy

Great skates + affordable price + ultra fast delivery = very happy new Volition Skate fan!

First time roller skater!

So I got sized correctly thanks to this site and got my skates very fast! I have absolutely been in love with them! This is a great company to buy from 10/10 recommend buying from them

Sure-Grip Fame Roller Skate


The skates look good and they are extremely comfortable. You can't go wrong with them.

blue suede smooth

they feel great and roll smooth
thank you
thank you very much

Awesome laces!!

Keeps my skate fit secure! Love the color too! Will be buying more!

Treat Yo’ Self

Ecstatic with my choice after reading and watching reviews. Perfect fit for my wide feet. Adjusted my trucks and wheels and they were good to go. Very responsive. No issues with the stiffness of the boot. I feel great in these.

Popup Roller Rink Rental 4/14

Rollerstuff Suede Toe Caps

Pacer SpinR Roller Skate
Good quality skates

The skates arrived quickly and are good quality. Thanks!

Amazing quality

Love love these skates. We got a pair of both colors red and green ones. . Mine didn’t fit at first and was too small but with a bit of heat and pressure I was able to open them up a bit to fit perfectly. Great quality. Fastest shipping I’ve ever encountered as well.


Love my Suregrip skates and especially love that I was able to order them from a small women-owned business. Thanks!!! 🥰🥰

Bont ParkStars

Great costumer service, and very fast international delivery! Highly reccommend.

Jackson Finesse Awesomeness

After not skating for over 30 years from my teenage years I wanted to get back into skating. I’m over 50, didn’t have a huge budget and also have a little wider foot. I wanted a great skate that would be good for indoor and outdoor skating and also had pretty much what I was looking for on the skate already so didn’t have to change a bunch of stuff and add more money. I struggled to find the right skate. So many choices and so many popular fad opinions. But then someone I follow mentioned these. And I did my research. They are from Atom Skates company. They have been around for a long time. Had great reviews and came with a plate, kingpins and wheels I liked. I wasn’t sure still because again I don’t see a lot of people online talking about them. When I got them - WOW! Right from the start soooo comfy. They literally cause me NO PAIN. I can skate around in them for a while! No blisters. They are supportive but not stiff and restrictive. There are no pinch points. What break in time? They literally work for you right out of the box! Adjust your wheels and trucks because they are factory set and you are good to roll! Nothing but love for this skate!!!!! Love love love them! If you need a skate under $200 you won’t go wrong with these! I promise! Again I haven’t skated for over 30 years. I feel so confident and safe and comfortable in these skates! They come with an excellent Pilot Plate and Atom Pulse Lite wheels. Again you won’t go wrong! They are SOOOO BALANCED!!! If you are looking for a skate - grab you a pair of these. You don’t regret it! 🥰

Great Park skates

These are really good skates for the park, I upgraded with DiscoTrux and Blox and I’m using skateboard wheels. Out of the box they had some “hot” or tight spots but after hitting the area with a hot hair dryer they are perfect, the skates are moldable. Volition did a good job sending them quick, just wish Bont would produce more of these skates in different colors and sizes - I had to go with my third choice in color but other than that these skates are great and worth the price.


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