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meow. meow meow. mreowwwww.

Get This Shirt!

I’m in love with the print and quality of the shirt in general. It’s super soft. Fits well and is just bad ass! Thank you.

Rainbow Skates

Owner was very helpful and replied promptly. Skates are BEAUTIFUL. My friend cried when she got them. She had been wanting them for so long

USD Sway Team IV
Jason Bafile

It's been about 25 years since I last skated. I am super impressed with these skates but I'm coming from K2 Phatties, haha. Pumped!

Perfect t

Love this tee. It fits perfectly.

I love my skates!!

I thought I would always have hurt feet while skating, but I found these, sized wide and I can skate for hours. They're so comfortable and well made. I'm so happy with them. Highly recommend!

Love customizing my skates

I haven't switched these out yet, but they will definitely do the trick. Can't beat purchasing from Volition and supporting a small shop too!

Great Shirt

I get a lot of compliments. Great Shirt!

Did not receive

Did not receive the item waited even a longer period of time checked different locations and postal service nothing . I will reach out to the company on my day off to see what the issue is . Thank you

Cute socks

Comfy & good fit

Super cute and comfy

I love these socks. They cover all I need them to while I skate, and people can still see the cute little wolves. They are so soft and comfy too!

Love it

The t shirt & stickers are great. I put the stickers on my car

Chaya Melrose Premium
Irma Veronica Acevedo
Love my upgrade of Melrose Premium in Jade

Love my upgrade. The boot is nice and soft on the inside. A nice fit. Sturdy, stylish and fun on the outside. I love them. Volition Skate has helped me with all my skates needs and wishes. Can't go wrong.

Pacer Scout Youth Skate - Pink, Black, Purple, Green

they’re great

took me a minute to get used to em but now that i have i love them

So far, so good

I’ve just started rolling around on these bearings and they seem to be doing their job.

SO comfortable, great quality, quickly my faves

I have a pair of Moxi Lollys, and I love them - BUT - these Chayas are SO comfortable right out of the box, it's almost unbelievable. The cushions inside are like memory foam. The color of the skates (juniper) has received a lot of compliments already in less than 2 weeks as well. While I love my Lollys and intend to keep them, these definitely stole my heart!


Return customer and I’ll keep coming back. Great communication, great prices, lightening fast shipping. Very satisfied!

Children's rollerskates

Great for kids

VNLA Junior Jam Skates
Latifah Abdullaah

Got the Renegades first, and I love them. Just got the new Lagoon colorway, and I can't wait to skate in them. They shipped quickly, and they're beautiful.

VNLA Junior Jam Skates
Latifah Abdullaah

Got the Renegades first, and I love them. Just got the new Lagoon colorway, and I can't wait to skate in them. They shipped quickly, and they're beautiful.

Totally Witchin’!!

Fantastic! Looks amazing and fits great. Knowing it’s a local artist’s creation means not everyone will have it. But they should! Who doesn’t love a witch on roller skates??

Really good quality bag. Hard to tell when ordering online sometimes but this one was definitely worth it!! Highly recommend!

My first quad skate laces

This brand was highly recommended by everyone I spoke with, and I can understand why. The laces are a great length and fun color. They stay tied and weren't super tedious to unlace/relace when my toe covers arrived.

First quad skates as an adult

I feel like Moxi Lollys are a fan favorite everywhere I look. Of the research I did, they were rated favorably by many skaters, and they had more pros for me compared to other models that were recommended at lower price points. A few sessions in, and I'm really loving them. Right out of the box, I didn't need to adjust anything, and they arrived quickly from Volition. Volition is definitely my first stop for skates shopping. They have great customer service, pricing, inventory made my first purchase experience so wonderful, even online!


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