Golden Horse Street Magic Suede Roller Skates

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If you're been looking everywhere for a suede roller skate that is padded, soft, supportive, and incredibly well made, the Golden Horse Street Magic roller skate is a dream come true.

The Golden Horse Street Magic roller skate is made with a soft and supple split leather upper and luxurious velour lining your feet are going to love. The Golden Horse Street Magic comes with a super tough reinforced fiber compound plate and 360-degree trucks. The upgraded 360-degree trucks offer more responsiveness and agility and we chose this setup to provide the best experience for our customers. 

Street Magic Skate Stats

  • Beautiful suede uppers
  • 360-degree pivot trucks
  • Reinforced fiber compound plates
  • 80A/58mm outdoor wheels

Golden Horse Roller Skate Unboxing and Review Video

Check out our review video below!

Custom Sizing Instructions

Golden Horse is unique in that they make their roller skate boots to your foot's measurements and specifications. Not only do they make the booth the correct length, but they make the width perfect for your unique foot.

Below are instructions for how to measure your feet so you receive the best fitting roller skates possible. We will send all of your measurements to Golden Horse and they will use those measurements to create your boots just for you!

Please note: each skate is made on-demand so the lead time for these roller skates is around 3-4 weeks.

Instructions for Sizing the Golden Horse Street Magic Skates

DISCLAIMER: We will not be sharing these photos with anyone. These photos will be used to accurately measure your boots for a custom fit.

Step #1

Put your easy-to-read ruler against the wall first. Then place your foot on the ruler with your heel against the wall, too. Remember, it is important that the numbers and markings on the ruler are easy to read.


Step #2

Take a picture of this to send to us. You must lean forward to take this picture FOR BOTH FEET with a vertical angle to get the correct length.

Step #2a

You must lean forward to take the picture with a vertical angle, otherwise, you will get the incorrect foot length which will be longer than your actual foot length.

Step #2b

Be sure to send us a picture of the ruler against the wall without your foot, so the boot fitter is aware of exactly how much additional space needs to be added to your foot length.


Step #3

Place the widest part of EACH FOOT on the ruler, and take these pictures to get the correct widths of your feet. 


Step #4

Raise your pant legs at this wider angle and take these pictures to get the correct width of your foot. Send all of your photos of BOTH FEET with your order number. 


Step #5

Please take a picture of the side of your foot from heel to toe.

Step #6

We need to see a picture of your heel from a 45-degree angle as well.

Step #7
Please send us the pictures with this side of both feet, too.


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Returns Policy

We are happy to accept returns on roller skates from within the U.S. To begin a return, please email info@volitionskate.com. We are sorry but we are not accepting exchanges at this time.

Golden Horse Street Magic Suede Roller Skates
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Golden Horse Street Magic Suede Roller Skates

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Please note: The roller skate market is experiencing unprecedented growth, resulting in product shortages and constant inventory changes. Unfortunately, this means that occasionally an item you order may end up being out of stock. We are doing the best that we can to provide skates in a timely manner and to inform our customers ASAP if we are unable to fulfill the order. We are a small company and are unable to offer discounts on items or shipping to compensate for any inconvenience this may cause you. Thank you for understanding. 

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