Luminous Light-Up Wheels

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Luminous LED quad light-up wheels are here! These are the light-up roller skate wheels that everyone is talking about, everyone is obsessed with, and are selling out in minutes everywhere online.

These are some of the few outdoor light-up wheels you will find on the market. With 85a hardness, they are perfect for outdoor and indoor roller skating and are, in our opinion, worth all the hype. 

Sold in sets of 8 wheels.

What we LOVE about Luminous LED Wheels:

  • 85a wheel hardness makes them perfect for outdoor skating
  • The powerful magnet spacer produces a strong, mesmerizing light as you roll
  • Colorful wheel options add a new style to your skate setup
  • 62mm diameter of the wheels help you cover more ground faster

See our video tutorial below on how to install new wheels on your skates and more about the Luminous LED quad wheels.