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Teal with White Stripes
Teal with Black Stripes
Teal with Hot Pink Stripes
Aqua with White Stripes
White with Baby Blue/Baby Pink/Gold Stripes
White with Royal Blue and Red Stripes
White with Aqua Stripes
White tube socks with Teal/Hot Pink stripes
White tube socks with Maroon/Gold stripes (style 1)
White tube socks with Green/Gold/Red (Style 1)
White with Black Stripes
White with Bubblegum Pink Stripes
White with Green Stripes
White with Teal Stripes
White tube socks with Black/Purple stripes (style 4)
White with Black Stripes Version 2
Black with White Stripes
All white
Black tube socks with Baby Pink stripes (Style 1)
Black with Baby Blue Stripes (Style 1)
Black with BubbleGum Pink Stripes (Style 1)
Aqua with Bubble Gum Stripes (Style 1)
White with Black and BubbleGum Pink Stripes (Style 3)
White with Black/Hot Pink Stripes (Style 4)
Black with Red Gold and Green Stripes
Black with Neon Pink/Green/Orange
White with Red Stripes (style 1)
White with Baby Blue/Baby Pink (style 4)
White with Purple (Style 1)
Black with Neon Green/Hot Pink/Baby Blue Stripes
Solid Black
White with Royal Blue/Gold Stripes (style 3)