We know from experience that learning to skate can be scary. Believe us, we were shaky on 8 wheels when we first got started as well!

That's why we hired professional roller skater, Appelusa. With her help, we created a course that will teach you the foundational skills you need to get started as a beginner roller skater.

Plus, we are offering the part 1 of the course for FREE to all of our customers who purchase skates!

When you purchase a pair of roller skates, we will automatically send you our Foundational Skate Skills course - absolutely FREE!

We promise that along with your new skates and course, you'll also receive amazing customer service (check out our awesome reviews!)

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about appelusa!

Appelusa is a USA Roller Sports (USARS) Certified Coach and Bronze Medal World Champion. She has been coaching for over twenty years from beginners to national champions in art skating. Born and raised in Los Angeles to roller skating rink owners, Appelusa has been a performer, coach, and choreographer in tons of music videos, commercials, films, TV shows, and live events. She is best known for the mesmerizing skating in Chet Faker’s “Gold” music video. Learn from one of the best!

    Bronze Medal World Champion
    USARS Certified Coach
    Appelusa shares the key techniques beginners need to thrive
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We're proud to offer all of our customers
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WHAT's in the course?

Learn the keys you need to succeed!

build balance & confidence

You will learn everything you need to develop strength, balance, and ultiamtely confidence in your skating skills - from the very beginning.

learn to skate properly

With 20+ years experience teaching roller skating, Appelusa's techniques are based on proper technical training that will set you up for success!

skate adjustments simplified

We've simplified adjustment reccommendations so you can easily adjust your skates for the best skating experience possible.
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skate ordering FAQ

We know how hard finding the right style and size skates is - check out our top questions and answers regarding skate sizing below.

what size skate should i order?

Skate sizing is brand-specific making it impossible to give universal advice around skate sizing. We offer a FREE skate sizing service to help you make the best possible choice. Just send an email to with the subject: Skate Sizing Recommendations and a sizing expert will get back to you within 3 business days.

what's your return policy?

We offer returns up to 30 days from your order date of brand-new products without signs of wear and tear. See our refund policy for more details.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally. To find out what shipping will cost, you can simply begin the checkout process and your shipping cost will be estimated prior to checking out.

What's the difference between indoor and outdoor skates?

The wheels are the only real difference between skates meant for indoor vs. outdoor skating. We also sell some skates with "hybrid" wheels which are designed to be used in both types of surfaces. Indoor wheels are harder and usually smaller in diameter, while outdoor wheels are softer and generally larger.

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  • Merlot
  • Blueberry
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  • Pink and Peach
  • Green and Blue
  • Blue and Burgundy
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  • Blue & Pink
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  • Black
  • Mint
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  • Shadow (Black)
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  • Moon Rose (Pink)
  • Savannah (Tan)
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  • Coral
  • Aqua
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  • Black Glitter
  • Holographic
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